Info and Pictures of Pompholyx - Dyshidrotic Eczema - Vesicular Eczema

Pompholyx (dyshidrotic eczema/vesicular eczema) is a skin condition which causes intensely itchy blisters which look like bubbles in the skin to erupt on the hands and/or feet. It can occur on either or both. The word Pompholyx derives from the Greek term cheiropompholyx, which means hand and bubble and anyone who suffers from this condition understands why.

This severely itchy rash may start out with a hot itchy area followed by the eruption clear fluid filled blisters which contain dark "bubble" type spots inside (see photo below), giving them a sort of tapioca type of appearance.

The blisters may last 1 to 4 weeks and then dry up and leave you with a sort of crusty or rough spot of skin which may peel and crack or sometimes just flat remnants of the bubbles remain. Excessive scratching of the affected area can cause the skin to thicken over time and sometimes even cause secondary skin infections which can be especially dangerous to diabetecs.

Pompholyx is not contagious however it is severly uncomfortable for the patient. Causes are unknown but research shows that the condition is more likely to appear during the ages of 20-40, are more frequent in women than men, can stem from allergies to metals such as nickel, chromium and cobalt, detergent allergies and definitely stress!

Your doctor can diagnos Pompholyx by examining the area.  Treatment can include oral and/or topical steriods.  Soaks and other ointments can also be prescribed.

I personally have suffered from this itchy skin nightmare (Pompholyx) for about 5 years.  The picture below is of my right foot during a pompholyx outbreak.  You can see in the picture one of the bubble filled blisters from Pompholyx.  I have lost countless nights of sleep over severe itching keeping me awake from flare ups like this one.   Oral steriods prescribed by my doctor did clear this up and gave me relief for about 2 weeks and then it was back again.   If you suffer from Pompholyx along with me you know that words can't describe the frustration and discomfort it causes, to me being itchy is one of the worst things!  In my desparation to find some relief during a recent flare up I was searching the web hoping and praying that maybe this time will yield me with some search results I could try that might actually end the madness of the chronic itching.

I hope that what I am about to tell you helps you as much as it has helped me.   Here is what I found:

Neem - Treatment For Pompholyx:

There is a tree called the Neem tree (Azadirachta indica) from the mahogany family Meliaceae and it is the most heavily researched herbal remedy in India.  People in India have been using it for centuries for many ailments from itchy rashes to birth control.   At first glance this appears to be just the same old snake oil, good for everything but not all claims are entirely true, you will soon see this is not the case with Neem.   Read more about Neem from the links I have available on my links page.  I was desparate for some form of relief the day I found Neem and I'll tell you what, I thank God I found it!  That's no joke, it's the first thing I have ever tried that has STOPPED the itching!  Check with your doctor first of course (as I am not one) and then most definitely try it upon their approval!!

I researched online and found that 2-4 grams of neem capsules per day provides relief for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis and applying Neem oil directly to the affected area a few times a day as needed offers softening of the skin and relief from itching.  Be warned though that Neem oil naturally has a pretty bad smell to it, but to me the smell of the oil was well worth the relief I have gotten.   I kid you not, within 3 days of doing this it cleared up completely!  Although I was skeptical about Neem, now I am a believer and I am sure you will be too.  Do yourself a favor and order some Now Foods 100% Pure Neem Oil - 1oz. I will not be without Neem anymore, I just re-ordered 4 more bottles of the capsulesand one more Neem Oil. 
This website was created from my desire to spread the word about Neem, this wonderful natural product that has given me the relief I have longed for. I hope that you will try it and I really hope it works just as well for you. Here's a link to some of the best Neem Oil that I have found! Please check it out and give it a try!

***New Info***I am always on the look out for things that offer me relief and I try products and research for quite sometime before I offer them to anyone! Coconut Oil has been high on my priority list, did you know that the Lauric Acid in coconut oil is excellent in reducing yeast in your body and controlling and alleviating symptoms of eczema?!?! I have absolutely grown to LOVE cold pressed coconut oil, so much in fact I'm thinking of doing an entire page on it. Well, one thing I've learned about my Pompholyx is that it seems to be very related to the things that I eat, avoiding wheat, gluten, processed foods and hydrogenated oils helps tremendously! Cold pressed coconut oil is so natural and wonderful for you in so many ways, I have learned to substitute it for hydrogenated oils like vegetable/canola oils which are proven to contribue to many ailments including eczemas! I consume 1-2 tablespoons of Nutiva's Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil per day and my skin is softer, less breakouts AND I've lost some weight! I've tried many brands and Nutiva's Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has the best flavor, delicious aroma and great price! I cannot recommend it enough as an aid to your pompholyx control regimen!

P.S.  One other tip I of relief I can offer you and very highly recommend, is a product called Johnson's Foot Soap, Click here to order your own Johnson's Foot Soap Economy Size 8-CountFoot Soap for Pompholyx Treatment I recommend soaking your hands or feet in this solution as per packet instructions, but I do it for 30 minutes at night instead of recommened 20 to help soften the hardened skin and relieve itching. Immediately after soaking, pat dry and while the skin is soft and sublte immediately after rub the area down with the Neem Oil then sleep in a sock. Also during breakouts if my foot is really itchy I put an ice pack in my bed and rest my foot on it while I sleep, the cold definitely helps offer itch relief.

Actual photos of one of my Pompholyx outbreaks:

Pompholyx-dyshidrotic eczema-vesicular eczema image 1                  Pompholyx-dyshidrotic eczema-vesicular eczema blister 2             Pompholyx-dyshidrotic eczema-vesicular eczema blister 3


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